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caught in snow under Mt.Blanc - 10-08

113 fotek srpen 2010 - zobrazení
Originally targeting Monte Rosa, heading to Signal ridge and then over Dufourspitze back to Italy, but our plans had to be reacheduled due to very bad weather forecats. We drove up to Chamonix with possibly climb on Dent du Geant and main target focusing on Mt.Blanc via Brenva spur. But we had no luck on weather forecast at all:( Heavy snowing (over 1 meter) had closed us for 3 days since Saturday in tent under Tour Ronde near Brenva spur. When we could finally move back to Midi having last remaining day for Mt.Blanc summit climb via 3Monts route, weather was against our plans once again.
We tried to do it in last day, only two us, that day only the one group alone. We made it all way up in tons of fresh snow to Mont Blanc du Tacul, then at 4200m height of Mont Maudit, 6am, we were forced to turn back, and descent. Mainly because of wind gusts over 120 km/h knocking us to ground and snow clouds above us.
So again, it is all about the weather (inc. all other requirements by all means; strength, equipment, experience, spirit and moral:) Berg heil.
and check my brothas photos here
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